NV Licensee Profile: American Casino & Entertainment Properties

This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.Contents
1 Details and Timeline of ACEP Nevada License
1.1 Partnerships and role in Nevada market
2 ACEP: Company Overview
2.1 American Casino & Entertainment Properties: Power Players
3 Potential in other US markets
4 LinksAmerican Casino & Entertainment Properties (commonly referred to by the much simpler to remember and say acronym, ACEP) is a subsidiary company of Whitehall Streets Real Estate Funds, which purchased ACEP and its assets in 2008 from American Real Estate Partners.The best known asset of ACEP would be the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, which the ACEP Company picked-up after the original Stratosphere owners declared bankruptcy in 1996. When Whitehall entered the picture they paid $1.3 billion for land and casino assets which were valued at about $1 billion in 2007, and since the acquisition ACEP has been operating in the red.Details and Timeline of ACEP Nevada License
ACEP wasted little time in filing their application for a Nevada online poker license, formally submitting their application in February of 2012. Acep was the fourteenth company to apply for an iGaming license in the state.
On September 6, 2012 ACEP received preliminary approval for an online poker operator license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board in a formal hearing. Just a couple of weeks later ACEP’s license application was approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission.
On September 20, 2012 American Casino & Entertainment Properties saw their license application accepted by the Nevada Gaming Commission. ACEP’s license allows them to host online poker games in Nevada.As an online poker operator ACEP will be allowed to host and operate an online poker site in the state of Nevada, following the regulations set by the NGCB and the NGC.Partnerships and role in Nevada marketAs stated above, ACEP has formed a strategic partnership with Bally Technology and has already launched the OnGame powered AcePlay.com poker room. While their deal is with Bally, Bally has also entered into a strategic partnership with Amaya Gaming, which allowed Bally to lease out the OnGame software to ACEP as well as the Golden Nugget.AcePlay was launched in February of 2013 and at this time AcePlay.com is currently only available in play-money format, but it appears that ACEP and Ballys are well on their way to launching real-money online poker in Nevada.ACEP: Company OverviewWhitehall Streets Real Estate Funds is an equity firm managed by Goldman Sachs, but so far Whitehall seems to have overpaid for ACEP, apparently banking on a parcel of land around the Stratosphere Hotel to increase the valuation of ACEP’s holdings. Currently the properties controlled by ACEP are losing money, and Whitehall has sought to restructure their debt, which means the Stratosphere could very well be a massive failure twice-over.In 2009 ACEP restructured its debt with Goldman Sachs and laid-off some 600 employees, but the Stratosphere and other assets of ACEP have continued to bleed money. Online poker may very well be the tourniquet the company needs.As mentioned above, the Stratosphere is considered one of the biggest flops in Las Vegas history as its location is simply too far down the Las Vegas Strip to appeal to many tourists. When the hotel opened in 1996 it was considered one of the nicest properties on the Strip, but its poor location has failed to attract visitors and the Stratosphere has fallen into disrepair, unable to keep pace with their competitors farther south on the Strip.According to an article in Cardplayer Magazine, ACEP’s Director of Gaming Development Alec Driscoll, sees online poker as a “player acquisition tool”, bucking the conventional wisdom that online gaming will detract from land-based gaming.Here are the four properties controlled by ACEP:
Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder
Stratosphere Las VegasIn February of 2013, along with their partner Bally Technologies, ACEP launched the free-play version of their online poker site, AcePLAY.com. AcePLAY will have a familiar look and feel to online poker players as the site is using the OnGame client to host their online poker games.OnGame is currently owned by Amaya Gaming, which entered into a agreement with Bally Technologies earlier this year, with the three players making for one of the most convoluted partnerships in the market.American Casino & Entertainment Properties: Power PlayersThe head honcho at ACEP is the company’s CEO and Board of Directors member Frank V. Riolo. Riolo has been in his current position since 2008, and has been an executive in the gaming industry since 2002.Other key people in the ACEP hierarchy are:
CFO, Treasurer and Board Member: Ned Martin
Board Member: Alan Kava
Board Member: Peter WeidmanAnd here are the people at the helm of each of the four properties controlled by ACEP:
Executive Vice President, General Manager Arizona Charlie’s Decatur: Ronald P. Lurie
Senior Vice President, General Manager Arizona Charlie’s Boulder: Mark Majetich
Vice President, General Manager Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower: Paul Hobson
General Manager Aquarius Casino Resort: Sean HammondPotential in other US marketsACEP does have casino properties in other states, but at the time being their role is limited to the Nevada market. For ACEP to jump into a newly regulated market where they have no physical presence they would likely have to see new laws introduced as well as needing to comply with the imposed regulations.Links
American Casino & Entertainment Properties Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/american-casino-&-entertainment-properties
American Casino & Entertainment Properties Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcePlayPoker
American Casino & Entertainment Properties Twitter: https://twitter.com/acePLAYpoker
American Casino & Entertainment Properties Corporate page: http://www.acepllc.com/
*Resources: www.wikipedia.org, www.acepllc.com

NV Licensee Profile: American Casino & Entertainment Properties

PokerStars Deal for New Jersey Casino Dead

After reports yesterday that PokerStars missed a key conditional deadline in its pending deal to purchase the Atlantic Club Casino, word today from the ACC indicates the deal is dead – at least for now.The story was first reported by John Brennan:Excerpt from a statement by Atlantic Club Casino COO Michael Frawley:There has been no confirmation or statement from PokerStars.Timeline of PokerStars’ attempt to purchase the ACCThe timeline of PokerStars’ (apparently failed) attempt to purchase the ACC is a strange one:
Dec 2012 – Reports emerge that PokerStars is in negotiations to purchase the ACC.
Jan 2013 – PokerStars confirms they have reached a conditional agreement to purchase the ACC.
Jan 2013 – Reports from several sources indicate that PokerStars filed their application for an Interim Casino Authorization license with NJ state officials at the end of December. The filing of the application would trigger a 90-day review window.
March 2013 – AGA files a brief opposing PokerStars’ interim application. PokerStars files a brief in response.
March 2013 – PokerStars asserts that Caesars had offered to sell them the Rio and the WSOP.
March 2013 – Reports reveal that PokerStars’ Interim Authorization application – thought to be already filed – is actually not complete.
April 2013 – PokerStars actually completes the Interim Authorization application. No word on what caused the delay.
April 2013 – The WSJ reports that PokerStars’ deal for the ACC has “expired without a new contract in place, according to people familiar with the matter”. The expiration was due to a condition in the contract that required PokerStars to have secured the Interim Authorization by April 24th.
April 2013 – The ACC announces the contract to purchase has been terminated.Deal “really” dead? PokerStars done in NJ?While certainly not a positive development for those who wish to see PokerStars operating in New Jersey, the news is hardly a death knell for the site’s chances to be a part of regulated online gambling in the state.For example, this news could simply be part of a negotiating ploy on the part of the Atlantic Club Casino. It’s also possible that PokerStars could participate in the state as a software provider in partnership with a licensed operator, a role that does not require ownership of a land-based casino. Finally, PokerStars could always seek to purchase another NJ property, although the list of bargain-priced gambling halls looks pretty thin after the ACC.Not everyone is certain that the deal has completely fallen through. Howard Stutz of the LVRJ tweeted these responses to the news:… and in a story on NJ.com that preceded Brennan’s, online gambling proponent State Sen. Raymond Lesniack said:Again, note that Lesniack’s comments were in response to the WSJ story about the missed deadline, not Brennan’s report that the deal is dead.I will update this story as events warrant.

PokerStars Deal for New Jersey Casino Dead

NV Licensee Profile: Central Account Management System

This is one of a series of profiles covering companies that hold a license to participate in Nevada’s online gambling market.Contents
1 Details and Timeline of CAMS Nevada License
1.1 Partnerships and role in Nevada market
2 Central Account Management System- Company Overview
2.1 CAMS Power Players
3 CAMS: Potential in other US markets
4 Additional CAMS-related LinksCentral Account Management System (commonly shortened to CAMS LLC) is a Los Angeles-based id verification and payment processing company is a subsidiary of the massive Verifi umbrella. CAMS duties in the newly regulated Nevada market will be payment connectivity and regulatory compliance. Verifi was formed in 2005 and since then the company has been at the forefront of the verification industry, and has numerous subsidiary companies similar to CAMS under its sway.Details and Timeline of CAMS Nevada License
In November of 2012 CAMS LLC received preliminary approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (The NGC is a three person panel) to receive a Class 2 Service Provider license in Nevada. With the NGCB’s approval CAMS would simply need to receive approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, which occurred two weeks later.
On November 15, 2012 CAMS was rewarded with a Service Provider license after passing the scrutiny of the Nevada Gaming Commission. At the time they received their license CAMS was the first company to receive a license that allowed them to process payments for the Nevada market.As detailed above, CAMS will play a very specific role in the Nevada market, focusing on player verification checks and payment processing. This role will allow CAMS to partner with as many casinos as they wish.Partnerships and role in Nevada marketCAMS has already partnered with Fertitta Interactive’s Ultimate Poker website to provide ID and geo-location verifications. As more and more online poker rooms come online CAMS will likely form many strategic partnerships, performing either “Know Your Customer” checks, or to process deposits and withdrawals for online poker sites.Central Account Management System- Company OverviewCAMS itself was only created in 2012 by Matthew Katz, and according to the site’s Linkedin page the company now boasts from 51-200 employees –not too shabby for a company that has only been around for about a year.The simplest way to describe what CAMS does is through their mission statement that can be found on their website: “Offering lottery and online wagering operators the ability to collect and manage player information, assist merchants and operators to monitor and comply with internal and external regulation policy, facilitate payment deposit and withdrawals, and enforce operator business rules.”In addition to their usual role, CAMS will be tasked with the all-important “Know Your Customer” checks that must be run on every player that registers at a Nevada online poker site, as well as being the first payment processor to receive a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission.CAMS is one of the numerous niche companies that has applied for and received an online poker service provider license in Nevada. Unlike all-encompassing service providers like 888 or Bally Technologies, CAMS has two specific, and extremely important, roles in the Nevada market; to provide verification systems for online poker operators and to process payments.The lists of services CAMS will provide to the online poker industry in Nevada include:
Know Your Customer ID checks: including age verification
Geo-Location and Device ID verification
Payment Processing
Payment processing fraud detection and security
Problem Gambler self-exclusion lists
Player deposit limit checksUnfortunately, CAMS got off to a bad start in Nevada when they contracted work related to verification to Iovation, the company founded by former Ultimate Bet executive and partial owner Greg Pierson.When news of Iovation’s involvement in the new Nevada market came to light CAMS was forced to drop the company, but a bad precedent had been set, as poker players wondered if the new “regulated” market was simply the same as the old unregulated market that oversaw the Super-User scandals. Thankfully, Ultimate Poker and CAMS quickly severed their relationship with Iovation.CAMS Power Players
Matthew Katz, CEOMatthew Katz, the CEO of CAMS was also the founder of the company and sees a bright future his company, especially as he makes major inroads into the burgeoning online gaming market in the US. Katz started his first business while he was still enrolled at Washington University in St Louis, where he later graduated with a degree in Economics. CAMS is simply the latest endeavor in a long line of successes for this young entrepreneur.CAMS: Potential in other US marketsWith their ability to process payments and take on the very difficult process of player verifications, CAMS has a future in virtually every market in the country. This can be seen by the simple fact that CAMS is not even located in Nevada, yet still received a Nevada online poker license to act as a verification company and payment processor.Additional CAMS-related LinksCAMS Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/cams-llcCAMS Corporate page: http://www.centralams.com/*Resources: www.centralams.com

NV Licensee Profile: Central Account Management System

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Pokerclub88 agen poker online terpercaya dan salah satu agen terbesar di Indonesia, didukung dengan sistem keamanan yang terus diupdate seiring dengan kemajuan tekhnologi masa kini yang pasti akan memberikan kemanan serta kenyamanan kepada para membernya. Kenyamanan dan kepuasan member adalah hal utama di agen link pokerclub88 ini, dengan dukungan fasilitas terbaru. Salah satu fasilitas agen ini adalah adanya sistem referral yang bisa menambah penghasilan anda tiap minggunya. Seluruh permainan di pokerclub88 bersifat fairplay tanpa robot (bot) ataupun tanpa admin ikut bermain pada permainan.

Bermain di agen pokerclub88 indonesia akan memberi pengalaman baru, karena situs ini cepat, aman, serta nyamanan di setiap permainannya. Hal tersebut tentu menjamin keprivasian data para member yang ada di agen sehingga member tidak khawatir. Berkat seluruh staff yang berpengalaman di bidangnya masing-masing sehingga menjadikan agen ini salah satu agen terpercaya di Indonesia. Agen ini mempunyai banyak pilihan bank untuk melakukan proses deposit dan juga withdraw, berikut adalah pilihan bank yang disediakan di agen poker club 888 yaitu Bank BCA, Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, dan juga Bank Danamon.

Salah satu situs poker online yang terbaik dan terpercaya saat ini adalah situs pokerclub88 online. Situs ini memiliki ribuan member aktif dan juga menawarkan jenis permainan judi online yang beragam. Jika Anda mencari situs judi online yang tidak membosankan, situs judi online ini sangat direkomendasikan untuk Anda. Selain itu situs ini juga memiliki ciri sebagai salah satu situs judi online terbaik dan terpercaya. Adapun ciri-ciri situs judi online terbaik dan terpercaya adalah

  • Sebuah agen terpercaya dan juga aman tentunya mempunyai sertifikat first cagayan.

  • Memiliki banyak member aktif yang bermain di setiap harinya. Member tersebut pemain asli bukan admin ataupun robot (bot).

  • Memberikan bonus yang wajar atau masuk akal.

  • Mempunyai layanan CS 24 jam nonstop.

  • Memiliki berbagai pilihan bank untuk para member agar lebih leluasa untuk proses bertransaksi.

  • Sering direkomendasikan oleh pemain yang sudah berpengalaman bermain di situs poker online.

Melihat dari ciri yang sudah disebutkan diatas, tak salah jika situs link alternatif pokerclub88 menjadi salah satu situs judi online terbaik dan terpercaya. Anda bisa dengan mudah bermain judi online di situs judi ini dengan cara mengunjungi website resminya. Dengan mengunjungi website resminya Anda bisa mendapatkan info sebanyak-banyaknya mengenai cara bermain dan jenis permainan yang ada pada situs tersebut. Selain itu Anda juga akan mendapatkan banyak kemudahan yang hanya bisa Anda dapatkan jika Anda bermain poker online di situs ini.

link alternatif daftar pokerclub88Fitur yang Ada Pada Agen Poker Club 88 Online

Sebagai situs judi online agen pokerclub88 terbaik dan juga terpercaya, situs ini juga banyak menawarkan kemudahan kepada para membernya dengan menyediakan fitur-fitur yang menarik. Semakin banyak dan canggihnya fitur yang dihadirkan maka akan memudahkan anda dalam bermain segala macam permainan judi secara online. Ada permainan yang cukup digemari di agen ini yaitu permainan poker online. Jika Anda ingin mendapatkan banyak fitur serta bonus dalam bermain poker online, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda mencoba bermain di situs ini. Adapun fitur yang ada di situs ini diantaranya adalah :

  • Didukung server dengan teknologi tercepat dan tercanggih.

  • Mendaftar sebagai member mudah dan juga aman.

  • Menyediakan berbagai pilihan permainan judi online seperti

  • poker , balckjack, capsa susun, ceme, dan lain-lain.

  • Semua jenis permainan bisa diakses dengan menggunakan 1 ID saja.

  • Tersedia aplikasi mobile version.

  • Banyak promo juga bonus menarik yang ditawarkan oleh pihak agen seperti bonus refferal, bonus deposit, dan lainnya.

  • Adanya Jackpot dengan hadiah hingga ratusan juta rupiah.

  • Semua permainan dilakukan secara fairplay dan no robot (bot).

Bonus Jackpot dan Mega Jackpot di Link Situs Pokerclub88 Online

Pada pokerclub88 link alternatif memberikan berbagai bonus apabila dalam permainan pemain bisa mendapatkan susunan 5 kartu tertinggi, bonusnya pun tak main-main jumlahnya, hingga ratusan juta rupiah. Bonus itu ialah bonus Jackpot yang bisa pemain dapatkan bila bermain dan juga ketika beruntung mendapat susunan kartu tertinggi saat melakukan permainan. Kisaran bonus Jackpot yang bisa pemain dapatkan ialah 2% hingga 100% nilai Jackpot yang berlaku hari itu. Bonus kedua yang tak kalah besar dengan Jackpot ialah bonus Mega Jackpot. Bahkan biasanya nilai nominalnya lebih besar dari bonus Jackpot. Berikut merupakan susunan kartu serta besaran bonus jackpot dan mega jackpot yang akan didapat :

Susunan Kartu untuk Bonus Jackpot di Situs Agen Poker Club 88 Online Indonesia

  • Full House, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 2% dari nilai jackpot.

  • Four Of Kind, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 40% dari nilai jackpot.

  • Straight Flush, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 60% dari nilai jackpot.

  • Kartu Royal Flush, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 80% dari nilai jackpot.

  • Royal Ruby, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 90% dari nilai jackpot.

  • Royal Diamond, besaran bonus yang didapatkan ialah 100% dari nilai jackpot.

Kartu untuk Bonus Mega Jackpot di Website Agen Poker Club88 Online Indonesia

  • Kartu Royal Diamond di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.40.000.000,-.

  • Royal Ruby di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.20.000.000,-.

  • Royal Flush di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.10.000.000,-.

  • Straight Flush di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.1.000.000,-.

  • Fourth Of A Kind di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.250.000,-.

  • Full House di permainan poker dengan pembelian bet Rp.1.000, maka bonus yang bisa member dapatkan kurang lebih senilai Rp.10.000,-.

daftar agen pokerclub88 asia

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Proses Deposit dan Withdraw di Agen Pokerclub88 Online Indonesia

Sebelum login pokerclub88, member diharuskan deposit terlebih dulu agar akun member bisa melakukan permainan. Di agen ini minimal deposit pokerclub88yang dipatok adalah Rp.25.000,- cukup terjangkau untuk sebuah situs agen judi terpercaya. Setelah proses transfer dana dilakukan, kemudian cari menu deposit yang ada pada situs untuk konfirmasi chips atau koin untuk bermain. Isi semua kolom keterangan dengan benar lalu klik tombol kirim.

Apabila proses deposit anda telah valid, maka jumlah chips anda akan bertambah dengan otomatis. Namun ada kalanya proses deposit berlangsung cukup lama dikarenakan bank sedang offline dan juga sedang adanya maintenance pada situs agen. Jadi untuk melakukan deposit anda harus melihat apakah bank sedang online atau tidak dan anda juga harus teliti melihat informasi jadwal maintenance pada situs agen.

Untuk proses penarikan dana atau withdraw hasil kemenangan anda dalam permainan, anda dapat melakukan proses penarikan dana dengan menukarkan chips anda ke bentuk cash untuk kemudian dilanjutkan proses transfer oleh pihak agen ke rekening yang telah anda daftarkan di poker club 88 online. Minimum penarikan dana atau withdraw di agen ini adalah Rp.50.000-,. Untuk proses withdraw memerlukan waktu tertentu. Paling lama 1×24 jam setelah anda melakukan proses withdraw, namun jika bank sedang mengalami trouble ataupun offline maka proses withdraw bisa jadi lebih lama dari biasanya.

Komisi Referral di Situs Pokerclub88 Online Indonesia

Seluruh member dalam agen situs alternatif pokerclub88 bisa mendapatkan keuntungan tambahan dengan adanya program referral. Sangat mudah mendapatkan keuntungan referral. Member cukup mengajak calon pemain baru untuk bergabung di agen atau juga bisa lewat mempromosikan agen lewat media sosial,blog, ataupun forum. Anda hanya perlu mendaftar di menu referral dan anda akan mendapatkan link referral anda. Link referral itulah yang bisa anda dibagikan di media sosial, blog, serta forum. Nilai komisi referral bisa dilipat gandakan sesuai sistem yang berlaku.

Layanan Pelanggan Customer Service di Live Chat Poker Club88

Agen pokerclub88 alternatifmempunyai satu fasilitas live chat CS yang dibuat untuk bila ada pengaduan untuk setiap masalah yang dialami member ketikan bermain di agen ini, layanan live chat di agen ini berlaku 24 jam non stop. Hal tersebut untuk memberikan keleluasaan kepada semua member bila ingin bertanya mengenai masalah atau problem yang dihadapi ketika melakukan permainan di agen ini.

Website Info Resmi Pokerclub88 | Link Alternatif Pokerclub 88